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Fast, affordable, Clean and reliable Orlando/Port Canaveral transportation


I just wanted to give my review of Spaceport Transport private car service since there were very few reviews of them here when I went looking. They have plenty of experience, but some of it is taking crew members to various places around Cocoa Beach and to the airport. Given our experience with them this past week (to and from the port) I would highly recommend them to anyone at all seeking private transportation.

First of all, their price for our family of 5 was much better than other companies, especially when taking into account the fact that we needed 3 car seats and they do not charge for them.Secondly, the lady I spoke to who seems to run the operation, Cari, was super pleasant from beginning to end. She gave us courtesy calls both coming and going, to remind us where to meet our driver, and she was more than happy to take her time with me on the phone answering all my questions.

On Friday, 1/21, we were picked up by a driver named Ryan, a college grad probably in his late 20's, who was the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Not only was he courteous, friendly, and safe, but he literally waited for us at the airport for over 5 hours!! I called when we saw our plane was delayed initially, but then it just kept getting later and later and we had no way to call them. They were tracking our flight but he told us it was just easier for him to wait there rather than risk getting stuck in traffic and returning. When we arrived we were more than a
little moody and tired but he was all smiles, helping us with our heavy luggage and 3 little kids. Then things went from bad to worse, when he got a call that a tanker had exploded and he needed to take a very roundabout route to get us to CIS. At first we all thought was a tanker ship at the port (oh no!!) but then realized it was actually a terrible, double-fatality tanker truck involved crash on the road. Thank goodness we heard about it right away and could avoid that route. Ryan was amazing - roads were jammed everywhere but bless him, he found every little side road and shortcut he knew of and got us there in 90 minutes - double the time it normally takes, but safe and sound
and without a bunch of sitting in traffic. The poor guy probably didn't get home for dinner for hours after that but he still had a smile on his face. Super great guy. I was thrilled when we got him again today for pick-up and once again, everything was great (and trouble free this time!)

hth someone!! :-)

My family and I used Space Port Transport to get from Orlando International Airport to the Disney Cruise at Port Canaveral. Our driver was on time, and helpful, helping us with our bags, and even waiting outside a quick pitstop at WalMart to get some last-minute drinks and supplies. He also pointed out some local sites that we wouldn't otherwise notice, the Everglades and the Nasa Spaceport. The service was great, and we wouldn't mind using them again.

Tony L.
San Francisco, CA
Our family of eight used Space Port Transportation from MCO to Freedom of the Seas last week. EXCELLENT service! We saved $280 (after tip for great service) vs RCI's fees.

Cari at Space Port was super to deal with. Prompt replies to my emails and very pleasant when we spoke on the phone.Our driver, Christine, was at arrivals when we landed - sign in hand. What a fun drive to Port Canaveral. As it was the first cruise as well as first time to Florida for a number of our party Christine pointed out a number of the sites along the way and helped them spot alligators in the rivers and water's edge. we were at Freedom in no time!

When we disembarked - about 30 minutes earlier than we expected - we called the number Christine had provided on the way in and spoke with Cari. We said that we were early and the cheery reply was "No problem, Christine is just outside waiting for your call." In no time we were in the van on our way to MCO.

Quick. Reliable. Excellent Price. We would use Space Port Transportation again!

Ayr, Canada
I used Spaceport Transport in November and was very pleased. Great, personal phone service from Carrie - one of the owners - (3219868026), and Robbie (our driver) was timely and courteous. We were driven from Orlando Airport to the cruise terminal in Port Canaveral; three adults. Carrie offered a discount for cash. Robbie also drove us from the cruise terminal to Sanford Airport after the cruise. I would definitely use this company again.

Grand Rapids

We used them as well on our cruise a few weeks ago. Free carseats were the major factor for us. Plus, the cost for a family of 4, $88 each way, was what some companies were charging for 2. We also had Ryan as our driver to the port and he stopped at the Target for us so we could pick up the things I forgot at home. I think I mentioned it here. The carseats, just an FYI, weren't the newest but they still did the job. We had to install them ourselves as he hadn't installed any before, but it only took a few minutes and we were off. Be sure you specify which sizes you need (infant, booster, carseat). Have a great trip!

ETA: The cost I posted is each way, not round trip.

DIS Veteran
Does anyone have a website or contact info for this spaceport company? Very interested in seeing about getting a quote from them. TIA

DIS Veteran
So glad to hear this we are using them for our cruise in November!!!!

DIS Veteran
We have also booked Spaceport Transport for our upcoming cruise. (Dream Mar. 27 - 31) We spoke to Cari's husband, Jerry and he was also very kind and informative. We got a great deal for 4 adults and 2 little ones (ages 1 & 2 ) with 2 car seats $202.00 round trip.

We will report back to the DIS boards following our trip.

Jerry said he has gotten alot of "Buzz" about these DISers and he needed to check these boards out.

DIS Veteran
Space Port here I come! Bye, Bye Happy Limo
I do not know why I decided to look up the most recent reviews on Happy Limo. Maybe somethng was nagging at me. made reservation with them for transport MK to port and port to MCO. All is for a reason I guess. Found a review for Space Port and was sold! I called and am making a reservation with them instead! I am getting RT for 273 (boosters x 2 included!) and they will wait in case onf any delay without extra charge! Happy Limo was about the same price at 276, but have more peace of mind after speaking to Cari. Already impressed!

Earning My Ears
We just used Space Port Transport yesterday coming off the Freedom of the Seas. We were very pleased with their service. We called them right before we went through customs and by the time we were outside, the van was pulling up, didn't have to wait at all. The driver was friendly and the van was roomy and clean and fit 4 adults comfortably.

Great service for a great price. I would definitely use them again.

Cool Cruiser

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